my Shovels progress.

shit pictures..yet under the knife again..i dont have the $ to build lots of bikes..so this motor and trans and frontend have morphed yet another time and lots being done.the douglide frame is badass..Lucas rules!and Josh from Grimm Brothers down in Victoria powder coated it up for me..just saturday got the round swing arm from Big Al.got the forwards from Big Ric..mucho thanks to the Outkasts of Bacon Switch...got to mount new tire..get a new chain..sort out the fender, and the brake.Brother Zacs is sorting out the real tank valve inlet at his world famous FCF..its coming together nicely.then pipes and wiring and a few odds and ends..and paint for the fender and tank.

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  1. Damn Dusty, you don't waste any fucking time do you. thats a bad looking bitch can't wait to see her on the road when I get in. It's only been a week I been out here but it feels like forever. Fight the good fight, I'll catch up to ya soon enough.